: Anticorruption watchdog NGO director not happy with General Prosecutor's dismissal
Opinion20:05 Apr. 6, 2016

Anticorruption watchdog NGO director not happy with General Prosecutor's dismissal

‘Too late' – says Kaleniuk about parliament finally firing Ukraine's chief prosecutor

On March 29, Ukraine's Parliament approved the resignation of the notorious Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

Joining Ukraine Today to discuss this move as a future outlook for the general prosecution office is Daria Kaleniuk, Anticorruption Action Centre Executive Director.

"With the hands of  Shokin [hours before his own dismissal from office] President Poroshenko fired David Sakvarelidze – the guy, who was trying to fight against the system and actually to implement the reform. With the hands of Shokin the President is continuing to do the dirty work."

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"The Prosecutor General Office was expecting to receive USD 2 million, which was announced by the U.S. embassy as support for the reform of the prosecution, directly to their bank account, which is absolutely crazy, because international technical assistance doesn't work like that. […] the money of the U.S. taxpayers cannot be sent directly to the account of the general prosecutor's office or any other agency."

Watch UT's interview with Daria Kaleniuk Serious doubt about recently passed asset recovery laws

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