: Arnold Schwarzenegger opens body-building competition in Rio de Janeiro
Society18:26 Apr. 2, 2016

Arnold Schwarzenegger opens body-building competition in Rio de Janeiro

Former California Governor had words of encouragement for upcoming Olympic Games

Former California Governor and movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, opened the Arnold Classic Brazil body-building competition in Rio de Janeiro. The three-day event gathers international body builders, pole dancers, wrestlers, weight lifters and many more, hoping to flex their bronzed muscles in front of the Terminator himself. Over the weekend, a panel of judges will preside over several competitions, including the Bodybuilding Pro and the Strongman Pro, which has set out to name the world's strongest man.
Schwarzenegger sees the competition as promoting fitness for all.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California governor and actor: "So the bottom line is, I want to make sure that we always stress fitness and strength, and training, and sports for everybody. We've got to do some soul searching on this issue. Are we really making an effort so that really everyone can participate. Because only if everyone, young or poor, rich, handicapped or not handicapped. If everyone can p articipate, that is when I am a happy camper. And I will not stop promoting and talking about that until that happens."

The event will also play host to the Arnold Model Search competition, in which 3,500 people signed up, hoping to make it to the 30 finalist spots. Organisers hope to surpass last year's visitor numbers, which saw some 82,000 people passed through the conference. USD 30 million in revenue was raised through sales of tickets and nutritional supplements.

While in Brazil, Schwarzenegger had words of encouragement for the upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil in August.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California governor and actor: "I say good luck with the Brazilians with the Olympics. And we know you're going to be great. I know there are people talking about it, that it's going to be challenging. But what the hell is not challenging that is great? Sometimes we do things that are extraordinary and it takes a lot of work, and a lot of obstacles to be overcome and it's challenging. And (unintelligible) someone has never done before, and you will do it for the first time. But pay no attention to the critics. And pay no attention to the naysayers. You're going to have a Great Olympics, I know that for sure."

Schwarzenegger has been running the event in collaboration with the International Federation of Body Builders since 1989.

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