: Brussels remains on edge after terror attacks
Society11:27 Mar. 26, 2016

Brussels remains on edge after terror attacks

Many people in Belgium capital still feel unsafe after Tuesday's terror attacks

The terror alert may have been lowered one level from the highest, however Brussels is still on edge following Tuesday's terror attacks, despite a huge police presence on the city's streets.

A local resident said, "I feel kind of nervous actually because all the police and the military being on the streets is not that reassuring. Actually I just now, this is the first time I take the metro since the attacks and it made me feel really weird imagining that it was on the same line and it was in the same space that it happened. It was really weird."

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Suicide bombers hit the departures hall at Brussels International Airport and a subway carriage at a station close to the European Union institutions on Tuesday killing at least 31 people and injuring at least 300 more.

Another local resident said, "The atmosphere is really strange. Especially in the metro, it's like really silent and everything. But it's getting better really, day after day."

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Since the attacks, attention has been focused on the Muslim communities in Brussels and the lack of integration in the city.

Jamal Momenah, Director of Islamic Cultural Centre of Belgium, says, "They are maybe brainwashed or they are mentally sick or I don't know what. They represent themselves; not representing Muslim community. Muslim means you live in peace. Islam means peace."

Police investigations into Tuesday's attacks continue, as authorities come under pressure to do more to disrupt potential terrorist cells in Belgium.

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