: Berdyansk zoo welcomes new arrivals
Society12:16 Jul. 8, 2016

Berdyansk zoo welcomes new arrivals

Tiger cubs are cared with love, abandoned baby lion is being saved by zoo keepers

Four wild cat babies were born in Safari-park in the city of Berdyansk, that is Zaporizhya region in southern Ukraine. Despite nearly simultaneous birth, three tiger cubs and one baby lion faced absolutely different situations.

This is Azira, newly-fledged tiger mother. She cares about her 5-day-old kids so much that the zoo keepers cannot enter the cage.

Ihor Kalchenko, director of Safari-park: "The female tiger is the smallest, but the most active. She is always the first to crawl to mother's breast when the time comes to feed the cubs."

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This lion cub is called Lisa. The zoo keepers say they had to take the baby away from her mother, since the adult lion abandoned her newly born baby two weeks after birth.
Now the lion cub is permanently hungry. The veterinary doctors say they feed Lisa 9 times per day, but the artificial mix is not sufficient to fully replace the mother's milk.

The zoo keepers say they are shocked, as the mother lion has showed no worries when her child was taken away. Now they are searching a separate cage for the baby Lisa, stressing that returning the cub to her mother may be dangerous.

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