: Brutally tormented dog gets a new chance at life
Society19:00 Mar. 24, 2016

Brutally tormented dog gets a new chance at life

Special prosthetics help the animal walk on four paws again

Robo-dog... That's the nickname this dog that lives in the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv carries these days. The animal that lost four legs in a brutal attack was rescued by a group of locals.

The volunteers chipped in and helped bring him back to life. The dog named Philosopher is now using special prosthetics to go for walks outside.

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While his mentors are searching for his future home, Philosopher is slowly learning to socialize with other dogs. The volunteers say it is a hard and responsible mission to get him to move properly.

Olha  Kolisnichenko, pet caring shelter volunteer says: "It is four paws to regulate so that Philosopher could walk properly. The mechanisms have to fit each other in order for him to be comfortable and not to disturb him."

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"It takes four volunteers to walk him. Since it is nearly impossible for one person to cope with the handicapped animal. Philosopher is not a tiny dog so his weight needs to be properly distributed on the prosthetic legs."

"Regardless of all the tortures the animal has undergone Philosopher surprisingly trusts people surrounding him. I'm sure those who will adopt the dog are going to be very happy people." say Natalya Kuznetsova, Lviv Animal's protection society member.

Philosopher was found in a nearby village. Without his paws and in terrible condition, the dog crawled to the closest house. The locals say someone might have chopped his paws off. Having survived the cruelty, the dog still loves being among people and is eager to move to a new home.

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