: Can Ravens Talk? Discover talents of Ukrainian birds in black (video)

16:42 Jun. 22, 2016

Can Ravens Talk? Discover talents of Ukrainian birds in black (video)

A Common Raven (Getty Images)

Video showing the talking bird impresses Internet users   

A new video uploaded to social media shows a talking raven who lives in Ukraine's Kharkiv Zoo. The bird's name is Karl.

According to the zoo director, the raven has been living here for 20-30 years. He can imitatate human speech. 

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"The raven was brought to the zoo a long time ago. He repeats whatever words he hears. Nobody specifically taught him how to talk", says zoo director Oleksiy Hryhoryiev.

The raven's vocabulary is small comprising just a few words, including his name Karl and a phrase 'come on' ('davai, davai' in Russian). Yet he reproduces them with an amazing accuracy.

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Scientists say, ravens are as intelligent as chimpanzees. They show a high level of self-control and are able to behave rationally.

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