Grant for rehabilitation workers: Canada launches grant for rehabilitating workers in Ukraine

15:50 Dec. 28, 2016

Canada launches grant for rehabilitating workers in Ukraine

Canada - Ukraine International Assistance Fund launches memorial grant for rehabilitation workers (Photo:Facebook/cuiafund)

The annual grant for 1500 Canadian dollars is believed to make Ukrainian rehabilitation of workers not to abandon their jobs

Canada - Ukraine International Assistance Fund, founded by Ukrainians in Canada, launches an annual grant of 1500 Canadian dollars, which will be sent to increase monthly salary for rehabilitation workers in Ukraine.

The mission of the fund is to improve rehabilitation services in Ukraine for certain categories of people with disabilities.

The grant will be the first initiative of the organization in 2017. The fund states in their Facebook that 1500 CAD will be sent to increase the salary of a new rehabilitation specialist at Paslawsky Rehabilitation Centre, Lviv State Prosthetic Facility for a year.

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The money awarded can serve as a certain motivation for rehabilitation workers. The president of the fund, Antonina Kumka, says: "Unfortunately, some fields in Ukraine are known for low salaries. Instead of staying and working for a calling, some specialists are forced to abandon the jobs, which they would love to take, and to practice work in which they are talented."

Antonina Kumka also adds that the war in Ukraine is still ongoing and development of before and after prosthetic rehabilitation is extremely important. 

The organizers say that by providing financial support for one of the specialists, they simultaneously help hundreds of persons with amputations to return to normal life and be confident again.

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The grant was established in memory of Andriy Svarnyk, who has had a disability since birth and who died this autumn aged 28. Andriy was a son of Mykola Svarnyk – a co-founder of educational-rehabilitation center ‘Dzherelo'. Canada - Ukraine International Assistance Fund states in its message on Facebook that Andriy's parents have taken rehabilitation services in Ukraine to a new level.

Anyone can support the fund at


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