Savchenko had a car accident: Car accident with Nadia Savchenko in Kyiv (photo, video)

12:03 Sep. 11, 2016

Car accident with Nadia Savchenko in Kyiv (photo, video)

Nadia Savchenko had a car accident last night (Photo by Vira Savchenko / Facebook)

Savchenko's car was rammed by the speeding auto with drunken driver

In the early hours Sunday morning website reported about an accident in Ukraine's capital, in which a drunk driver rammed the car of Parliamentarian Nadiya Savchenko. According to the media site no one was injured with the situation quickly taken under control by Patrol Police officers.


The Media revealed the peculiarities of the incident. A BMW driver had his wheel buckeled by an open manhole cover, he stopped to replace it. when behind him on the same lane a Chevrolet slowed and stopped in which Nadiya Savchenko was a passenger.

"As soon as all the cars had stopped, a drunk driver rammed right into them," report states. the driver had 1.67 % blood alcohol content (BAC).

Nadiya Savchenko's sister, Vira, already commented the incident.

"Yesterday on Saperno-Slobidska street Chevrolet in which Nadia was a passenger was hit by the Volkswagen, driven by the drunk man (1.67 per ml). Luckily no one was hurt. Police arrived quickly. Worked clearly. But  by the time of the accident broought under control two more cars damaged their disks because of the manholes on the road, and they also had to change their wheels! There will be some serious questions to the Ukrainian road service," she wrote on Facebook


As reported, on August, 2 Nadiya Savchenko declared stop eating again as a protest against officials' inactivity to help release Ukrainians from captivity.

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