: Carnivorous plants bloom in Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Society14:44 Apr. 6, 2016

Carnivorous plants bloom in Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Exhibit features almost fifty exotic flowers gathered from private collections

A central Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia is hosting a fascinating exhibit.

Almost fifty carnivorous plants are in full bloom for the residents' viewing pleasure.

The exhibition was put together by Exotic plant enthusiast who donated flowers from their private collections.

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Ihor Radionov, Carnivorous Plant Enthusiast: "There are several instances when the climate on the planet is not the best for the plant. Yet, it's vital for the plants growth and life. So, these carnivores evolved with the planet - they turned to eating insects in order to survive."

During the exhibition the visitors can have a look for themselves at how the plants consume food. Their diet primarily consists of spiders, ants and worms.

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Oleksandr Karyaka, Exhbition Guide: "There are a few tiny hairs here and when the flower senses something it opens in a split second so the victim has absolutely no time. It takes about twenty days to digest the food. It's crucial not to overfeed the plant because it can die if it eats too much."

The exotic plants come from every corner of the globe - ranging from Australia to Latin America.


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