: Chornobyl's ruined buildings getting second life

13:15 Apr. 26, 2016

Chornobyl's ruined buildings getting second life

Pantónio (Facebook)

Portuguese and Australian artists create life-affirming murals 

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl tragedy - the Ukranian nuclear disaster - Portuguese street artist Antonio Correia created a mural in one of Chornobyl's central streets.

The muralist, also known as Pantónio, depicted a new life dawning in the city devastated by the tragedy. Project initiators say the mural rabbits symbolize rebirth and return of all animals to the contaminated area which is considered unfit for habitation.

'It is a challenge, but many street artists dream about working in such a place. It is also a great responsibility as this mural is associated with the tragedy that occurred here 30 years ago. This disaster affected many countries and generations,' Correia said.

Mural in Chernobyl by Guido Van Helten, dir./oper Geo Leros

Like Correia, Australian artist Guido van Helton also made his contribution. Brisbane-based artist painted a mural inside Reactor 5, which was under construction at the time of the explosion.

‘I think it's important people don't forget that nuclear damage is still around,' Helton said to the ABC News.

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On 26 April 1986, the worst nuclear power plant accident in history in terms of cost and casualties occurred at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plan in the Ukrainian city of Pripyat. This manmade disaster caused radioactive contamination of the territory and health deterioration of many people.

Learn more about Chornobyl tragedy - Ukraine Today's special project

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