News from Ukraine: Christ processions from East and West to enter Kyiv
Society18:48 Jul. 26, 2016

Christ processions from East and West to enter Kyiv

Ukraine's Security Service, police, and National Guard on high alert

Christ religious march is about to enter Kyiv.

Both processions heading from Sviatohorsk monastery in the east and Pochayiv lavra in the west are just a few kilometres from the capital city. In view of the upcoming celebrations of Rus' Christianization Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko ordered to intensify the security measures.

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By now 3,000 police officers, as well as 1,500 National Guard fighters and 500 members of Ukraine's Security Service are assigned to maintain the order.

On the stretch of 30 kilometres to Kyiv the procession is accompanied by the police and the doctors, as well as OSCE mission. The activists are already awaiting at the nearest checkpoint.

Vladyslav Goranin, member of "White Hammer" organization: "It is not a question of religion, it is an ideological controversy! We will not let them through."

The believers thought do not reach the checkpoint, turning instead to the village to spend the night in the nearest church. The coordinator of the Christ march insists they will manage to pass to Kyiv adding also he is personally responsible for the symbols carried by people. No provocative anti-Ukrainian stuff has been detected so far.

Archpriest Viktor Zemlyanyi, coordinator of Christ Procession From Pochayiv: "It is their right to meet us at a checkpoint. And it is our constitutional right to move to Kyiv. I can answer for each and every participant of the march I am leading - there is no single black-and-yellow strip or any other provocative symbols. Crosses and icons is all we have." 


The religious procession(UNIAN Photo)  

According to Ukraine's Security Service, radical activists have agreed to let the Christians enter the city of Kyiv. The clergymen of both Kyiv and Moscow Patriarchate say they have talked to their congregation members about security and behaviour in general.

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On the Day of Rus' Christianization dozens of thousands of Christian pious are anticipated to meet each other. Ukraine's Security Service though does not dare to mention the precise amount of people expected, stressing only each and every believer is to be strictly checked.

Viktor Nechytaylo, deputy chief of Kyiv policeThirty metal detectors are set to be installed all around the city centre. Police officers are to be equipped with portative metal detectors as well. 


Ukraine's NAtional Guard on high alert (UNIAN Photo)

The delegation from the East is also on its way to the capital. As soon as they approach the Kyiv suburb of Boryspil, the activists meet them with national symbolic shouting patriotic slogans.

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According to the previous plan, procession members were supposed to make a stop in Boryspil, though later the local administration banned them from entering the city. Those aiming to come closer to the outskirts are attacked with eggs, bottles with water, and coins. National Guard fighters and police officers hardly manage to avoid mass fighting.

By now both processions must have already entered the city of Kyiv. On Wednesday, July 27, two groups are set to converge into one at Yevropeyska square in the city centre.

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