Decommunization in Ukraine: City of Kirovohrad renamed in Kropyvnytskyi in honour of Ukrainian playwright
Society18:53 Jul. 15, 2016

City of Kirovohrad renamed in Kropyvnytskyi in honour of Ukrainian playwright

Decommunization process unfolding in Ukraine since May 2015

Kirovohrad does not exist anymore. Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, has renamed the city in the central part of Ukraine under decommunization process. 230 votes, and once Yelysavetgrad and former Kirovohrad gets a new name Kropyvnytskyi.

Marko Kropyvnytskyi was a famous Ukrainian writer and playwright, known as a co-founder of Ukrainian professional theatre. The contemporary building of the city theatre named in honour of the dramaturge is the most important place of interest in the city.

On having heard the news about renaming the local residents react differently.

Oksana Dudych, Kropyvnytskyi resident: "We were born in Kirovohrad. I would prefer that our children could also live in Kirovohrad. What has to be changed with the renaming?"

Olena Balaban, Kropyvnytskyi resident: "That's super! Wonderful! We are very delighted about it. I am glad they did not return the historical name of Yelysavetgrad. But Kropyvnytskyi is a good decision."

The authorities could not manage to rename the city the whole previous year. The name of Ingul'sk in honour of the local river became a real sticking point. Sometimes it even came to the blows when the opponents were trying to persuade each other.

Having failed to rename the city themselves, the local authorities sent the request to Ukraine's Parliament of Verkhovna Rada with 7 various names listed.

However, some of the deputies are disappointed now, and threatening to appeal against the MPs' decision in a court. The lawyers in turn say it is hardly possible, since the new names are already written in the Constitution. Altering the text of the Main Law is a long and complicated procedure.

Kirovohrad was the last city to be renamed under Ukraine's decommunization process. The law on eliminating the communist heritage on the whole territory of Ukraine was adopted in May 2015. Decommunization encompasses a whole range of cities, regions, districts, and even street names along with dismantling the monuments symbolizing the Soviet past.

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Among the biggest cities renamed in Ukraine is Dnipro, previously called Dnipropetrovsk. The city of Kam'anske in the same region before being renamed was Dniprodzerzhynsk. Numerous towns in Donetsk region have now got new names, that is Toretsk, Bahmut, and Pokrovsk instead of Dzerzhynsk, Artymovsk, and Krasnoarmeysk.

Komsomol'sk in Poltava region has turned into Horishni Plavni, Illichivsk in southern region of Odesa is now Chornomorsk.


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