News from Ukraine: Collection of war artefacts exhibited in the city of Dnipro
Society18:41 Aug. 8, 2016

Collection of war artefacts exhibited in the city of Dnipro

Doctors have gathered bullets and splinter fragments while operating wounded Ukrainian soldiers

Bullets, shells and splinter fragments. An unusual exhibition opened in the city of Dnipro.

Thousands of deadly projectiles - have been ablated by surgeons of regional Mechnikov hospital while saving lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

Since the beginning of anti-terrorist operation in Donbas region in eastern Ukraine the doctors of the Mechnikov hospital have conducted already nearly 3,500 operations. More than 2,000 National Guard fighters have been rescued so far. The medics say the presented collection is no more than 10% of the general number of deadly fragments taken out.

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Serhiy Kosulnikov, Head of the surgery department No. 2: "When we deal with a splinter injury, a fighter usually suffers from a massive wound. Some of our patients have undergone more than 15 operations to get stabilized."

The doctors say each and every artifact displayed has its own history. Having had a variety of splinters removed from the soldiers' bodies, now the medics are able to recognize and differ various types of weapon at the first glance. Rocket artillery systems, mortars, grenades, as well as sniper rifle bullets are presented here.

Andriy Sirko, head of the neurosurgery department: "A tiny fragment sized no more than 2-3 mm may cause inevitable injuries or even kill a person. Imagine how such tiny ammunition hurts a person speeding several hundred metres per second".

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Despite motley palette of collection artifacts the exhibition will not exist long. In a while the investigators are set to take away the splinters and other fragments as physical evidence. The doctors in turn promise to write books on struggling for life, as soon as the war in Ukraine is over.

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