: Countdown to World Youth Day: Krakow gears up for hosting major Catholic event
Society11:41 May. 6, 2016

Countdown to World Youth Day: Krakow gears up for hosting major Catholic event

The Polish city expects around 2.5 million visitors from around the world

Pope Francis and major bishops of the Roman Catholic church are set to arrive in Poland this July. The Polish city of Krakow is hosting the World Youth Day which is organised by the Catholic Church. The city is expected to be visited by millions of parishioners from around the world. At least ten thousand are expected to be from Ukraine.

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Yuriy Vovk, Ukrainian Roman Catholic church member: "We are going there to just be together, to pray for the peace in our country."

The clock in the city centre is counting down the days and hours to the major Catholic event. This is the second time Krakow plays host to the World Youth Day. The local authorities are preparing for the celebration. They have even decided to rebuild the central square, the most popular place among the tourists.

International volunteers are helping with coordinating the celebration. They come from the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Korea and Australia. Polish youth is also contributing to the cause.

Taras Kosar, Ukrainian Roman Catholic church member: "They are raising money to help those who can't afford to visit Poland. They have set up various funfairs, public events."

Organisers say, Catholic parishioners are not the only ones who will come to Poland. Due to the huge amount of visitors, local police is mobilising all its officers, even though they don't expect any unrests.

Overall Krakow expects around 2.5 million visitors. The celebration will take place throughout the whole country.


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