What's next for Mezhyhirya?: Court seizes Ukraine's most lavish mansion

16:04 Nov. 8, 2016

Court seizes Ukraine's most lavish mansion

The main house known as Honka at Mezhyhirya, the former private estate of former president Viktor Yanukovych (Getty Images)

Premises of Yanukovych's residence near Kyiv has been seized

UPDATE: In a commentary for the Ukrayinska Pravda online newspaper, Serhiy Horbatiuk - head of the Special Investigations Department of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine – said that immovable property of Mezhyhirya was seized by a court back in 2014.

"The property will remain under arrest until the court rules on confiscation, or if the Verkhovna Rada will pass a law on special confiscation, then there will be a pre-trial procedure," Horbatiuk said.

The bill allowing for the special confiscation of assets belonging to ex-President Viktor Yanukovych and his allies has so far stalled in Ukraine's parliament.

Earlier on November 8, Ukrainian media reported that a court in Ukraine has ruled to seize all the real property assets located on the premises of the lavish mansion of Ukraine's fugitive ex-president Viktor Yanukovych. The information was first reported by "Ukrainian News" agency which cited its own sources in the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine.

"All the immovable property, which is located on the territory of Mezhyhirya residence is under arrest on the grounds of the court decision," the source told the agency.

According to him, currently authorities are conducting inspections of the movable property, including the zoo. After it is completed, the issue to arrest movable estate will be addressed.

The residence, called by Ukrainians a "Museum of Corruption" is located several kilometres outside Kyiv on the territory of the former nature reserve.

Mezhyhirya was opened to the public soon after Yanukovych fled to Russia in February 2014.

The grounds, which the former president had privatized, are now back under the state control, but the buildings still belong to Tantalit, the real estate holding company that owns several properties on behalf of Yanukovych and his family.

Source: Ukrainian News

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