Peninsula of Fear: Crimean Tatars demand release of their abducted compatriot and Mejlis member
Society20:01 Jul. 28, 2016

Crimean Tatars demand release of their abducted compatriot and Mejlis member

22 people have disappeared since Russian occupation of Crimean peninsula

Crimean Tatars protest against Russia's violating human rights in the currently occupied peninsula.

Numerous activists came to the building of Russian Embassy to Ukraine in Kyiv demanding to reveal the roundabouts of Ervin Ibragimov.

He disappeared on May 25th, his location is still unknown. Ibragimov was a local activist as well as a member of the Mejlis, the executive and representative body of the Crimean Tatars, strictly persecuted by Russia-proclaimed authorities.

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The activists insist 22 people have disappeared since the beginning of Russian occupation. Later six of them were found dead, the rest are still missing.

Crimean Tatars claim there have been more than 250 cases of human rights' violations, and Russian-appointed authorities continue to conduct illegal searches in the homes of those intolerant to Russian occupation.

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Since 2014  20,000 people are said to have left Crimean peninsula.

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