: 'No matter if you speak Ukrainian or Russian - the vital thing is the country you live in'
Opinion17:10 Mar. 24, 2016

'No matter if you speak Ukrainian or Russian - the vital thing is the country you live in'

The exhibition of Ukraine's contemporary artists helps create national identity 

Joining UT's Viewpoint is Dariya Koltsova, Ukrainian artist and curator, who is involved in the Zenko Foundation, which is preparing its second big project - the exhibition 'Kylym. Ukraine's Contemporary Artists'. 

The exhibition will kick off in the Carpathian region on April 8, and then travel to Lviv (western Ukraine) and Kharkiv (eastern Ukraine). 

Dariya Koltsova explains why the project is titled 'Kylym' (which means 'a carpet' in Ukrainian) and what key messages it is seeking to convey.  

"Ukraine is a very big country, we have a lot of different nations, visions, and traditions, within one territory. Today, the crucial question is how to mix them all, how we all - with different opinions, views, future and past - can live together, be happy and build a new country".

"This exhibition will unite young artists from different regions and they all will try to find a self-identity and discuss up-to-date topics".

"Only in the Carpathian mountains, I understood that we have a wonderful country and wonderful traditions."

"It is not important which language you speak - Russian or Ukrainian - but you understand which country you live in. (...) We have a lot of examples of similar situations in Europe, and these countries can live together and build their common future." 

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