: DefenseNews: Russian frigate again plays games with US ships

13:52 Jul. 1, 2016

DefenseNews: Russian frigate again plays games with US ships

The guided-missile cruiser USS San Jacinto CG 56 approaches the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge LHD 3 for a fueling at sea, Atlantic Ocean. (Getty Images)

Russia's frigate maneuver claimed as "a high-risk, highly unprofessional and contrary" to international regulations for preventing collisions at sea

The same Russian frigate that, according to the US Navy, spent more than an hour June 17 maneuvering erratically and unsafely near a US aircraft carrier and destroyer in the Mediterranean Sea was at it again Thursday, this time near a different carrier. And this time, the ship's reputation as a dangerous driver was anticipated.

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The Yaroslav Mudryy, a Project 1154 Neustrashimy-class frigate wearing pennant number 777 was, according to a US Navy report, conducting shadowing operations of the aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier strike group as the flattop was flying combat operations against ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq.

The Russian frigate closed on the cruiser San Jacinto, operating as the carrier's air defense commander, in an action a Navy message characterized as "abnormal, [un]safe and unprofessional."

A copy of the message was obtained by Defense News.

The message details how the Yaroslav Mudryy was observed by the San Jacinto to be approaching "with ten personnel topside and weapons uncovered but unmanned." The message did not specify what particular weapons were uncovered as the frigate closed to within 150 yards of the San Jacinto.

It is also not clear how close to the carrier the incidents took place, although it does indicate the Russians were "within line of sight' of the strike group.

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A message from the San Jacinto noted "the behavior of FF-777 [the Yaroslav Mudryy] was expected and pre-briefed based on interactions with USS Gravely earlier in the month," referring to the June 17 incident when the destroyer Gravely interceded between the carrier Harry S. Truman and the Mudryy.

"The actions of FF-777 were abnormal as they displayed maneuvers rarely seen by professional mariners at sea combined with an aggressive approach of [the San Jacinto]," the message continued.

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