: Docudays UA festival features films on human rights
Society11:04 Mar. 28, 2016

Docudays UA festival features films on human rights

"Just another day in Egypt" and "Ukrainian Sheriffs" among the works showcased in Kyiv

Movies, photo exhibitions and more – the second day of Docudays, an International film festival on human rights. Hosts have prepared more than a dozen films on actual issues. One of them is called "Just another day in Egypt".

It was directed by a couple from Switzerland and Serbia. The movie depicts the situation in the country after the events of the "Arab spring". It focuses on human rights violations during the Presidential elections in 2015.

Corina Schwingruber Ilic, "Just another day in Egypt" film co-director: "Me as a Swiss, the first time I appreciated the freedom of speech and all this what you have in a democratic countries, I really realized what it means, because you can go to a school, and this is a good life, but when you see how they live, it's really really impressive, and sad in a way.

Watch also Ukraine Today's Viewpoint with Nadiya Chushak, Docudays Human Rights programme coordinator: "Main topics are war and migration"

After each session visitors have a chance to discuss the film with its directors. Festival attendees say "Just another day in Egypt" resonates with the events in Ukraine.

Oleksiy, Docudays UA film festival attendee: "Cannot say I'm that impressed because what they show is that the revolution in Egypt didn't really change anything, just like in Ukraine, but at least I can relate to the fact these uprisings change the way you think."

Ukrainian directors also presented their works on the second day. One of them tells a story about a village in Southern Ukraine. The film portrays the inefficiency of the local law enforcement. A story based on true events shows two middle-aged men assuming the role of sheriffs.

Roman Bondarchuk, "Ukrainian Sheriffs" movie director: "It's wild south, wild Ukrainian south! Of course there are many similarities with America, but surroundings are different, cars are different and problems are different."

The sheriffs say the movie depicts their everyday life. They work as civil servants, help people with average problems and don't receive payment for their work. They've been doing it for many years now.

Viktor Kryvoborodko, "Ukrainian Sheriffs" movie actor: "We just do our job! It's our first film and we never thought our work could become a film. The movie just shows regular days of our duties, and to think that people would be interested to watch it, we never could have guessed."

In the next week the visitors of the festival have the opportunity to see these and many more films. 140 directors from the world have prepared their vision of the modern issues, both global and personal. They invite everyone to share their thoughts and discuss the movies. The Docudays UA festival runs until April 1.

Sergii Oganesyan in Kyiv for Ukraine Today

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