: Docudays UA film festival comes to end in Kyiv, Ukraine
Society12:28 Apr. 2, 2016

Docudays UA film festival comes to end in Kyiv, Ukraine

Best film awards handed out for international documentaries

Docudays UA Film festival wraps up. The last day featured several projects on human rights and a dozen movies about modern-day issues. A war documentary 'Mariupolis' was one of them. The film tells a story of average citizens of Mariupol, a city in Eastern Ukraine, caught in the middle of war.

Anna Palenchuk, 'Mariupolis' movie producer: "The main idea of the film 'Mariupolis', it is a show between peace and war, to show people who live here, to show beautiful city of Mariupol and to tell the audience that life is going on."

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Albina Lvutina lives in Mariupol, she works for a Ukrainian TV channel there. The movie shows her at her job as a journalist.

Albina Lvutina, 'Mariupolis' movie actress: "I worked on the news and the directors filmed me. I live in a district which was heavily shelled one day, and I almost cried one time when I had to go live on TV, I needed to report about the anniversary of the shelling, and it was really difficult for me to think about it again."

With the end of 'Mariupolis', so ends the festival. Overall, the Docudays UA programme included almost a hundred movies. Filmmakers say they wanted to enlighten the visitors about the problems in the modern world. Now it's up to the attendees to decide if the directors managed to achieve that.

Tetiana Khotoshun, Docudays UA Film Festival attendee: "Nothing can be compared with this festival, the movies I watched, they can broaden and deepen anyone's views, my personal favourite movie is 'Under the sun' about North Korea, I never paid attention to what goes on there, and now I realize we have a really good life here."

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Not only the attendees watched the films during Docudays UA festival, international jury members were also a part of the audience. They selected best documentaries in several categories.

Organisers aimed for the festival to be diverse and multicultural. The goal of this year's Docudays UA was to show each country in the world has its own issues. Festival staff say they wanted Ukrainians to "feel themselves in the world context."

Daria Bassel, Docudays UA Film Festival coordinator: "To feel that not only Ukraine has some problems, but also the whole world has problems, which are mostly the same as we have. So we can be one and big family, which can fight together and solve our troubles together."

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Daria Bassel adds they have big plans for the festival. In a few months it will be shown in other cities of Ukraine. After that, Docudays will go on tour in Europe.

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