Corruption fight: E-declarations published. What's next?
Society18:37 Nov. 8, 2016

E-declarations published. What's next?

Anti-Corruption Bureau braces itself before immersing into checking the origins of millions in cash and other assets of Ukrainian civil servants

Ukrainians are still shocked with civil servants' declarations. People are impressed with greed, flourishing in the war-torn country. The main question is: where did they get all of these - cash, fur, jewelry, estates, cars, rare collections from... Mostly it is a question directed at the professional politicians, who say they do not have any business at all.

In total, Verkhovna Rada has 12,3 billion hryvnyas. Of them, more that 7 billion - in cash.

Cash is the main scandal of e-declaring. Those who manage the country - do not believe in its bank system. Mostly they do not comment their addiction to hiding tons of cash under the mattress. 

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Ukrainians watch the "King of the Mountain" game - whose pile of cash is the biggest? Third in line is MP Oleksandr Tretyakov and his wife. They own 1,7 million dollars, 2 million euro and 2,5 million hryvnyas in cash. Sounds bold, but they are far from being alone on the top of the pile. The second place in this rating goes to MPs brothers Dubnevych. They own over 715 million in cash in hryvnya - and around 19 million US dollars. Yet, the richest cash-saver is Vyacheslav Konstantynovsky with 15 million in dollars, kept at home. All of the declarants insist they can explain the origin of their savings.

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Yet, cash, bank accounts, and valuable items are not the most important parts of these declarations. Anti-corruption committee says - to know the truth, one needs to look into companies, declared by civil servants.

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When the dust settles, the next stage will follow: the big check of everything declared. This is what EU and US promoters of these changes expect. Open declarations must become a base for finding and punishing the embezzlers. The procedure of complete audit is to be settled by National Anti-Corruption Committee in a few days. At first, they plan to check the assets of all the top civil servants. then - of those whose position has a high risk of corruption. Then will come the turn for family members who did not provide information. After all these inspections are over, the Committee will work with information of discrepancies between incomes and lifestyles of civil servants.

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The National Anti-Corruption Bureau already started to check top-20 cash-lovers. Meanwhile, Prosecutor General's office and Fiscal Service promise to check them for tax payment and money laundering.

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