: E.U. grant for Ukraine's internally displaced persons
Society09:54 Mar. 28, 2016

E.U. grant for Ukraine's internally displaced persons

Small business entrepreneurs get the opportunity to turn a dream into reality

Small business entrepreneurs who moved to Kharkiv because of the war in eastern Ukraine are now the proud recipients of the E.U.'s grant for new business projects.

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Nearly six hundred and fifty million euros are going to be divided among four hundred internally displaced persons.

Snizhana Sotnikova is a beginner when it comes to running a small business. Just two years ago, in her native Luhansk she worked in the medical field. When the war broke out, she and her family fled to Kharkiv.

Snizhana Sotnikova, program participant: "I had a good job, I had a good life back in Luhansk but in Kharkiv I can't quite do the same, so have to do something else."

Snizhana submitted her application for the grant as a baker. Her long-time dream of opening her own cake shop is now closer to reality.

Snizhana Sotnikova, project participant: "I decided to take part in the project in order to turn my hobby into a successful business."

The grant is going to be distributed among the recipients by a matter of purchasing equipment for their newly-established businesses.

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Halyna Kharlamova, project administrator: "This grant gives people the opportunity to find profitable work whether it is in a small village or in a big town. This helps people get financial support for their business. Essentially start something new in order not to ask for help from anyone else."

The competition for these types of grants takes place in four regions of Ukraine - Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv and Odesa. The curators of the project say theirs success is measured by the fact that previous winners are now employers of many internally displaced persons.

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