: ECHR rejects appeal of Donbas residents to compensate for the houses ruined by fighting

14:51 Jul. 28, 2016

ECHR rejects appeal of Donbas residents to compensate for the houses ruined by fighting

A car passes a damaged house near Slovyansk, eastern Ukraine, Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015 (AP photo)

Court says applicants failed to provide enough evidence to support their complaints

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg rejected the appeals submitted by the local residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. They sought compensation from the Ukrainian and Russian authorities for their houses ruined in shelling during the so-called Anti-Terroristic Operation in eastern Ukraine.

The complaints were filed by three Donbas locals: Anton Lisnyy and Svitlana Piven from Yasynuvata in Donetsk region, and Volodymyr Anokhin from Troyhizbenka in Luhansk region.

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The complaints contained photo evidence, and OSCE reports that confirmed the fact of attacks. Still, ECHR have unanimously resolved that the provided data was insufficient.

The European Court referred that the applicants have failed to provide "sufficient prima facie evidence of ownership of or residence on property, such as land or property titles, extracts from land or tax registers, documents from the local administration, plans, photographs and maintenance receipts as well as proof of mail deliveries, statements of witnesses or any other relevant evidence.

The first applicant submitted only a copy of his passport and photographs of a destroyed house. No proof of the ownership of that house or any other right that the applicant may have had in respect of that house was submitted. The second applicant submitted a copy of her passport and copies of various reports of the Organisation of Security and Co-operation in Europe and certain printouts of items found on the Internet on the general situation in eastern Ukraine. The third applicant submitted only a copy of his passport, the court said in its decision published on July 28.

As reported previously,around 2,000 complaints related to the Russian annexation the Crimean peninsula and the armed conflict in Donbas region were filed to the ECHR in Strasbourg.

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