: English-language GoCamps come to Ukraine
Society19:38 Jun. 8, 2016

English-language GoCamps come to Ukraine

Volunteers from across the globe help Ukrainian students practice their language skills 

English is a piece of cake. And volunteers from all over the world have come to Ukraine to prove it.

They are going to help local students learn the language. In a fun and entertaining way.

The initiative is called GoCamps, and its goal is to promote English in Ukraine. It brings together one hundred and seventeen volunteers from thirty-eight countries. England, Australia, China and even Mexico - all share a common goal. In the next few months, the volunteers are going to spend their time at special language camps throughout Ukraine, where they will teach English.

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Mike is from the United States, he's only fourteen, but his young age didn't stop him from coming here. He is accompanied by his mom Julia, who is a teacher in America. They say, when they heard about the project, they just couldn't resist participating.

Mike Lund, Gocamps project American volunteer: "It's very fun for me to come to a new country, and have this experience, meet new people, my age, and being a native speaker, I can teach them English, I have something to offer."

The first day is all about getting acquainted with the new country and environment. And of course, meeting their new Ukrainian friends.

Veronika, GoCamps project Ukrainian volunteer: "There are feeling emotions about Ukraine, about Ukrainian girls, they say that we are very talkative, friendly, and they like to spend time with us, and we too, so it's a great way to communicate with people from all over the world." 

The project's focus is on mastering spoken English. It is an opportunity to practice the language in ordinary situations. Volunteers though, say this is also an opportunity for them to learn more about Ukraine.

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Mohammed Nour, GoCamps project Egyptian volunteerI love this country, it's my first experience here, in Ukraine. I know some of the traditions of people, about the food, about the people themselves, so I believe in that. I want to be a reason to change Ukraine for the better.

The organisers say, currently only seven percent of Ukrainians can speak English fluently. With the help of projects like this one, the country hopes to change this statistic.

Mustafa Nayyem, Ukrainian MP, Gocamps project co-Organiser: I'm convinced that, if our children, our generation, would know English better, they would be able to receive information and science knowledge from the other side, and it would be helpful for us to make decisions. And actually, we are preparing the new generation to take responsibility for the country, with a different angle and a different view.

Overall around 7,000 students will attend the language camps. The staff says they will continue to support the project because English is an important factor to help Ukraine with European integration.

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