: Estranged wife of Ukrainian pianist charged with killing couple's two daughters
Society22:04 Mar. 22, 2016

Estranged wife of Ukrainian pianist charged with killing couple's two daughters

Wife Sofiya Tsygankova currently in hospital, set to undergo mental evaluation

A 31-year-old Texas mother of two is accused of killing her two children. Sofia Tsygankova, who is originally from Russia faces first degree felony charges.

David Babcock: "Earlier this afternoon, the Benbrook police department served two warrants of arrest on Sofiya Tsygankova for the charge of Capital murder of person under 10 years age, these charges are a result of the deaths of 5 year old Nika Kholodenko and 1 year old Michaela. Each warrant is one million."

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Authorities are currently investigating what could have driven Tsygankova to commit this brutal crime. In a video posted recently to social media by Anna Tsygankova shows Sofia playing with her daughters on the beach. Almost all of the content on social network profiles is related to activities of Nika and Michaela - their first steps, first musical lessons with their father, Nika's dance lessons.

The girl's father is Vadym Kholodenko, a famous Ukrainian musician. Kholodenko moved to the U.S. with his family about three years ago after winning prestigious musical competition. He was scheduled for several performances, however cancelled them due to tragic events.

He issued a statement, where he expressed his gratitude to the community of Benbrook and his fans all over the world.

In the fall of 2015 Kholodenko filed for divorce. Local media coined him as a suspect at first but immediately changed that theory after police came out in support of the grieving father.

They rented a townhouse here, on Westwood trail, quite residential area of Benbrook. They were happy here, they delivered their youngest daughter to this house and raised there their kids. Girls were wrote their names on this pavement.

After few days of terrible murder the street is empty, kids are not playing on the street, even guarded by their moms, tenants of this neighbourhood are avoiding press.

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The causes Nika and Michaela of deaths already known, but not published. The only thing is for certain - girls will be buried in the local soil, according to the will of their dad.

Sofia Tsygankova will remain in John Peter Smith hospital. She is being treated for self-inflicted wounds. Tsygankova who is already under arrest will then undergo a mental evaluation.

Natalka Pisnya from Benbrook, Texas, for Ukraine Today

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