: #DUTCHINUA: 'EU-Ukraine treaties will not improve stability in Europe', Dutch MP
Opinion12:38 Mar. 23, 2016

#DUTCHINUA: 'EU-Ukraine treaties will not improve stability in Europe', Dutch MP

Harry Van Bommel says Europe should denounce the Association with Ukraine

On April 6, the Netherlands will vote yes or no to a deeper cooperation between Ukraine and the EU.

The destiny of Europe's biggest nation is potentially in the hands of the citizens of the Netherlands. The future of nearly 46 million people now depends on whether the Dutch decide to support Ukraine's association with the European Union.  

This is exactly why, Ukraine Today with the cooperation of Euromaidan Press has launched #DUTCHINUA project.  Our goal is to gather the views and opinions of the Dutch businessmen and entrepreneurs who work in Ukraine.  As well as provide analysis by the experts from the Netherlands who can assess the influence of the referendum on the future of Ukraine and the E.U. as a whole.

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A group of Dutch parliamentarians visits Kyiv ahead of the upcoming referendum on the Ukraine-EU association. The seven delegates represent both the political parties which support the agreement, as well as those against it.

"It is our responsibility to decide whether a treaty EU-Ukraine would improve stability in this country and in this region. In our opinion this is not a good treaty, it should've been restricted to trade", Harry van Bommel, a member of Dutch parliament from the Socialist party, on the association between Europe and Ukraine and why he believes the Netherlands should vote "no" in the upcoming referendum. 

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He also adds: "We fear tension with Russia, Europe and Russia are interdependant, it is not wise for Europe to let the tensions with Russia further increase over Ukraine, that is not going to happen." 

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