: Euromaidan Press: Ukrainian women receive right to serve in combat positions

16:56 Jun. 26, 2016

Euromaidan Press: Ukrainian women receive right to serve in combat positions

Ukrainian female soldier (UNIAN Photo)

The new legislation will take some time before it is implemented 

The struggles of Ukrainian women who fight at the front lines in Donbas have been heard. Revolutionary amendments on the Decree of the Ministry of Defence #337 are going to be published on June 29, said representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vitaliy Golota.

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According to him, women will be able to hold positions of snipers, intelligence officers, and commanders of military hardware. This is way more compared to the current list of positions for women in the army. So far officially they can only work as nurses, secretaries, accountants, seamstresses, and cooks.

However, women's tasks in the Ukrainian Army were never limited by this list. Quite often they performed the same duties as men but did not receive the same rights and state support, including when they come back from war.

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Also, Ukrainian women face a number of obstacles to entering the army as volunteers. Which means that those who succeed are highly motivated to serve for Ukraine. Sometimes their motivation is much higher than men's. Full story 


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