: Exploring Ukraine: Eiffel Tower in Kharkiv (Infographic)

15:19 May. 6, 2016

Exploring Ukraine: Eiffel Tower in Kharkiv (Infographic)

Ukrainian replica of famous Paris landmark in Kharkiv (photo by navkolosvitu.net.ua)

Ukrainian replica of famous Paris landmark attracts admirers from all over the country

Kharkiv residents are lucky - they do not have to save money for a trip to Paris to make their declaration of love near the Eiffel Tower.

They can do it right in their own city. All that the couple-in-love needs to do is just get to the complex "Chateau Ledoux", which opened a small replica of the French monument back in 2012. The local landmark was unveiled to the public on Valentine's Day.

The initiators behind the construction were not the descendants of Gustave Eiffel, but local entrepreneurs, who mounted the monument next to the "French Boulevard" shopping mall.


Photo by navkolosvitu.net.ua

This practice - to build interesting architectural forms near the entertainment centres is widely used in the world, so Ukraine is actively trying to catch-up to the international standards.

The tower is an exact replica of its Parisian ‘cousin'. However, it is ten times smaller - only 35 meters - while the Eiffel Tower in Paris stands at 324 meters tall.

After Kharkiv monument turned out to be a success, Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, decided not to fall behind and recently built its own Eiffel Tower. Its construction took about two months. Locals and tourists can see the ‘metal beauty' in the "French Quarter" residential complex at 52/1 Anri Barbius Street.

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