: Exploring Ukraine: one-of-a-kind buffalo farm
Society17:49 May. 11, 2016

Exploring Ukraine: one-of-a-kind buffalo farm

Zakarpattya region offers perfect conditions to raise buffalos 

A road trip to Transcarpathia. One of the most unique regions of Ukraine - Zakarpattya. This is where you'll find a mix of cultures, cuisines, and nature untouched. This is also where the only buffalo farm in Ukraine is located.

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The farm is home to about forty buffalos. More than a decade ago, they could have gone extinct in this country. But luckily this herd was saved.

Buffalos are hot-tempered animals. They don't like too much attention, and rarely let anyone get close to them. Mr. Mykola has been working here for about seven years. He says the buffalos have accepted him as one of his own. The farmer claims the animals are extremely bright and can feel much more than humans think.

The farm produces buffalo milk and cheese which are gaining popularity with Ukrainians due to their high nutritional value.

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And another interesting fact about this farm in Zakarpattya. Buffalos aren't the only ones residing here they share their accommodations with a few pigs, goats and lambs.

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