: Exploring Ukraine: One of seven natural wonders
Society19:40 May. 13, 2016

Exploring Ukraine: One of seven natural wonders

Synevyr National Nature Park is home to many endangered species

This is a journey to a national park in Western Ukraine. One of the seven wonders of this country. The Synevyr lake is the main attraction here. It is the largest lake in the Carpathian mountains that often gets a name of the sea eye of Zakarpattya. If one looks at Synevyr from above, the lake actually resembles an eye - an island in the middle just like an iris and spruce trees as if they were eyelashes.

The lake formed nearly ten thousand years ago and the spruce trees have been growing here for at least a century. They're a vital part of this national park. There are also about 20 different rare kinds of animals living here, many of them are endangered species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.



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There's a bear sanctuary located just a few kilometres away from lake Synevyr. A rehabilitation centre for brown bears. It opened about five years ago on the national park's territory. There are about 20 bears living here, all of them require constant care.

All the bears get medical treatment, and once they are healthy they have about 12 hectares of forest with rivers and waterfalls to roam through.

Untouched nature, absolutely stunning views of the Carpathian mountains and kind locals - that's what sets Zakarpattia apart. This region truly takes one's breath away and is worth visiting more than just once.


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