: Farmers in southern Russia threaten tractor protest to Moscow over illegal land grabs
Society10:58 Mar. 30, 2016

Farmers in southern Russia threaten tractor protest to Moscow over illegal land grabs

Land owners say courts always rule in favour of big businesses

Farmers from Russia's southern Krasnodar region want to take their protest to Moscow.

They say illegal land seizures are taking place on their fields. 

They argue local authorities are doing nothing to help and want to appeal to President Putin. They complain the courts are consistently ruling in favour of the big companies.

This landowner says: "I am not going to give it away. This is my parents' land. Why should I? I am not going to move out of here. Sometimes it gets really hard and I think - our village is godforsaken. We can't make anything grow here but a pile of dung. Although both me and my husband are working, we can't make it, we can't live at least like people that live in towns."

The farmers had planned a tractor protest to Moscow. But the action was cancelled at the last minute when local authorities said they would set up a working group to address the complaints.

Sergei Yenin is a landowner in the Krasnodar region. He says people feel trapped and many people are leaving his village because of a serious lack of prospects.

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Land owner, Sergei Yenin"We see movement. The number of people here is shrinking now, 1,700 people live in our village. And about 20 to 25 of them are working for an agro holding. We are at a dead end. There is nowhere to run to for us."

Representatives of farmers say they hope the creation of the working group will signal the beginning of a resolution. The group is made up of twenty people including a number officials from various levels, including members of the Presidential Council on Human Rights.


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