Love at war: Fighter from Donbas battalion becomes father
Society14:35 Aug. 30, 2016

Fighter from Donbas battalion becomes father

Two years ago Roman proposed to his girlfriend Tetyana on air from the battle front 

The fighter from Ukrainian Donbas battalion has become a father. His son Gordiy was born 58 cm in length weighing 4,2 kilos. Happy parents Tetyana and Roman are proud of their child. They promise their son will become a real Cossack and hero.

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The baby is unaware that he was born due to the war in eastern Ukraine and television. His parents got acquainted 9 years ago. In 2014, his father went to the war. When the TV cameras arrived in Luhansk region for filming the ATO fighters, Roman announced on air of his wish to marry his beloved woman Tetyana.

Roman, Ukrainian soldier: My darling, will you marry me? I hope one day I will be back home. And I believe you are going to say "yes".

Tetyana, Roman's wife and Gordiy's motherI immediately called him and shouted in the phone "yes", "yes"!

They got married on Valentine's Day. In a year Tetyana reported she was waiting for their first baby. At the time his wife knew she was pregnant, Roman already signed a contract. When his son was born, the soldier was serving near Mariupol in Donetsk region.

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Now all three of them are going for a walk. Roman says he is dreaming that his children would never know about war. Nevertheless, the couple is going to bring up their son as a fighter and defender of Ukraine.

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