: Firefighters still searching for fourth man who disappeared after Hrybovychi tragedy
Society17:43 Aug. 3, 2016

Firefighters still searching for fourth man who disappeared after Hrybovychi tragedy

Lviv authorities say Hrybovychi landfill will be soon modernized to collect new trash

Rescuers don't stop seeking for the fourth man, who disappeared at the disposal dump in Lviv region. The incident happened in early June, when tons of aggregated trash collapsed covering three firemen and an ecological activist.

On July 29, there was another garbage burning. Experts say trash will continue burning until hot weather is over.

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However, Lviv local authorities plan to bring the city garbage to the Hrybovychi landfill in a month again. They assure that this time everything will be different. A new disposal site will be built, trash will be sorted out and compressed into bales.

Andrii Sadovyi, Lviv city mayor: "Compressed trash will be used as a constructing material, the technology which is being examined now. Soil remediation will take around 5-6 years."

The ecological inspection service is checking the Hrybovychi landfill now. They say a year ago they were not admitted to the garbage site and as for now nobody consulted with them concerning remediation project.

Mykola Malanych, director of Lviv region ecological inspection: "Lviv local authorities purchased somewhere a compactor and a sorting line. But we don't know what ideas they have. They plan to bring compressed trash to Hrybovychi from somewhere else. But there are a couple of problems. The land and real estate on it are all under distrainment, so a range of acts are just banned".

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Local residents are indignant why Lviv officials still don't accept offers of foreign investors, who have experience in liquidating disposal dumps. For example, the Croatian company offers its services to Lviv administration for the second time.

Stepan Mykulchych, director of TEHNIX office in Ukraine: "Lviv region delegation visited Croatia and as a guest looked at our production of all the equipment. Afterwards they expressed no interest".

Nothing has changed in the Hrybovychi landfill during the last 2 months. Although Kyiv has stopped taking Lviv garbage since August 1, Lviv authorities claim the region landfill capabilities can accommodate garbage from the city.

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