: First in Ukraine: Kyiv to put motorbike ambulance on the road

15:58 Jun. 6, 2016

First in Ukraine: Kyiv to put motorbike ambulance on the road

A motorbike ambulance, Australia. (Photo source: pmgroup.org.ua)

Medical motorcycles save time in traffic and are cheaper than four-wheelers

Ukrainian Union of Paramedics is planning to add a new dimention to medical care with the launch of bike ambulances in Kyiv. Aimed at reducing deaths due to road accidents and emergency cases, this initiative will help save time in heavy traffic when a regular ambulance is unable to reach the patient on time.

The first fully-equipped motorcycle will be out on the roads of Ukrainian capital in April 2017. Until then, the organisers are looking for donors who would cover the cost of bikes and uniforms. The Union of Paramedics is ready to provide the new service with all necessary medical equipment.

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The organisers say one of the reasons to start the project was the long time the four-wheeler ambulances take to arrive to the patient. Congested traffic, narrow streets and a lot of hard-to-reach places often become fatal. That is why many of developed countries, including Germany, Austria, Australia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Ireland, use medical bikes.


A motorbike ambulance, Australia. (Photo source: pmgroup.org.ua)

The motorcycle driver will be a traned paramedic who would provide first aid and prepare a patient for transpotation to the hospital, or assess the situation in case of mass trauma to coordinate the actions of the first aid brigade.


A motorbike ambulance, Hungary. (Photo source: pmgroup.org.ua)

In addition to improving the health situation in Ukrainian capital, the new service will be much cheaper than the existing ambulances, due to less cost of equipment and fuel. The ambulance bikes could also be used to deliver blood or medical supplies to the site.

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