: French eco-friendly fashion on the runway in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Entertainment18:57 Apr. 4, 2016

French eco-friendly fashion on the runway in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Clothing designer shows-off creations made out of recycled materials

Environmentally-friendly high fashion. Trendy dresses made out of trash are now on the runway in a Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk. The creations by a French designer Isagus Tausch are fully sewn out of recycled materials. Stuffed animals are some of the supplies Tausch uses to create her works.

The designer says she wants people to understand that overconsumption is ruining the world.

Isagus Tausch, fashion designer: "I'm against overconsumption. There's way too much garbage on Earth. We have to learn to consume responsibly. Everyone of us has to make this planet cleaner, and the world - better."

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Plastic bags, bottles, yoghurt containers even wrapping paper all transformed into a fashionable outfit. One of the models says it's great to see recycling go a long way.

Yana Khabarlak, fashion model: "It's really cool, to make everyday products into dresses that can be warn."

The collection was created about four years ago. Isagus Tausch says she continues to constantly add new designs to it.

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One of the dresses in the show is made out of rubber gloves. The model that wears it on the runway says she'd be happy to wear the outfit to any party.

Karina Soshenko, fashion model: "No, it's not embarrassing at all. The dress stands out. I like it. It's rare and extravagant for sure."

Another eye-catching design is a dress made out of hundreds of Barbie doll heads. Isagus Tausch says this dress is not just an eco-friendly outfit. Tausch wants the society to understand that woman is not just an object.

Isagus Tausch, fashion designer: "There's no better way to illustrate how women are viewed than showing the Barbie doll. All girls at one point think that's the ideal beauty, that's something to look up to. But in fact, they're just lifeless dolls."

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Dnipropetrovsk is just another stop for the eco-friendly fashion show. Till date the collection has travelled through several continents. The designer behind it hopes her creations are going to be seen in as many countries as possible.

Photo courtesy - isagus-extroversions.com

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