: 'There is a need for shared responsibility in security sphere' - expert
Opinion18:14 Apr. 1, 2016

'There is a need for shared responsibility in security sphere' - expert

Professor Sven Bernhard Gareis shares his thoughts on Ukrainian defence reforms

On March 21-23, a number of security experts gathered in Kyiv for a seminar on Ukrainian defence and security reforms. To discuss the seminar outcome and the initial feedback, Ukraine Today's Viewpoint is joined by Professor Sven Bernhard Gareis, Deputy Dean at George C. Marshall European Centre for Security Studies. 

Speaking about the seminar, as a participant of the session on parliamentary oversight over security institutions, Sven Bernhard Gareis told UT about the German experience in this sphere, which were presented during the session.

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"During the discussion it became clear to the entire audience that there is no threat coming from the parliament to the executive branch in Ukraine. But there is a need for shared responsibility for the security of the country and for the close cooperation between the parliament (when it comes to the money and resources) and both political and military leadership. After the panel, we witnessed a spontaneous meeting between the high-ranking representatives of military staff and parliamentarians in our conference room," Mr. Gareis stated.

Answering the question about the reforms made in Ukrainian security and defense sector, Professor Gareis mentioned the huge and significant progress has been made. He has also emphasized the significant continuing progress in the civil and military relations.

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As for the international security policy, answering the question about the possibility of appearance of the UN peacekeeping troops in eastern Ukraine, Professor Gareis voiced a doubt, saying "it is good idea, but as a political realist, I would say that it is not very likely that this will happen."

"Communication is a major weapon and a major instrument in hybrid informational war, and Russia is very savvy in this regard – to find out the weak points in western countries as well as weak points in Ukraine," - he said when answering question about hybrid information war and Russian propaganda which Russia is now staging.

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