Securing Chornobyl: Giant shield is safely placed over Chornobyl reactor

16:51 Nov. 29, 2016

Giant shield is safely placed over Chornobyl reactor

Chornobyl shield has been moved into place to cover radioactive ruins (UNIAN photo)

New Safe Confinement arch encloses the site of the world's worst nuclear accident

It has been dubbed as one of the most ambitious engineering projects in the world designed to cover the site of the worst nuclear accident in history.

On November 29, after years of work, the giant steel New Safe Confinement shield has finally been installed over the exploded reactor number four at Chornobyl power plant.

The arch-shaped structure, which is said to be largest land-based movable object ever constructed, will prevent radiation leaks from the site for the next 100 years, according to the project managers.

Now when the new shield is in place, work can begin to dismantle the concrete Soviet sarcophagus, hastily built some 30 years ago.

The arch is 275 meters wide, 162 meters long and 108 meters tall, which is 15 meters higher than The Statue of Liberty.

The mega project has been funded by donations amounting to over 2 billion euros from over 40 countries and organizations.

As the radiation level at the scene of the disaster remains dangerously high, the Confinement was moved into place by a system of hydraulic jacks which took several weeks to complete.

Ukraine Today's Serhiy Oganesyan has also visited the exclusion zone to witness the completion of the procedure, seen as a milestone in the decades of work to secure Chornobyl nuclear disaster site.

UT editorial team is working on a video story about Chornobyl Arch. Stay tuned and follow our updates to learn more.

Learn more about the exclusion zone in UT special project 
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