: Guardian: Belgium to require immigrants to sign up to 'European values'

14:28 Apr. 2, 2016

Guardian: Belgium to require immigrants to sign up to 'European values'

Labor unions, Amnesty International, Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders and many NGO members stage a protest in support of Refugees in Brussels, Belgium on February 27, 2016.  (Getty Images)

Critics say move will further increase community tensions, already high after Brussels terrorist attacks

Non-EU migrants and refugees wishing to live in Belgium will have to sign a statement declaring their acceptance of local values or see their residency claim rejected, a government official said, in a move campaigners fear will fuel anti-immigrant sentiment.

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Parliament is expected to pass the proposal to introduce a "newcomers' statement" in the next few months, according to a spokesman for Belgium's secretary of state for asylum and migration, Theo Francken, who drafted the plan.

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People moving to Belgium for more than three months would have to sign the statement which includes a pledge to prevent and report any attempts to commit "acts of terrorism".

The statement would not apply to asylum seekers and students, the spokesman said.

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