: Harry Potter magic comes to life in Poland
Society17:53 Apr. 28, 2016

Harry Potter magic comes to life in Poland

"College of Wizardry" is open to public seeking to learn all the tricks 

Princesses, goblins, ghosts and witches have occupied Czocha castle in Poland. About 200 die-hard Harry Potter fans attended the famed College of Wizardry.

While a goblin is sleeping peacefully on a bench near the castle, students are learning how to fight with werewolves, domesticate a unicorn, and communicate with spirits.

Witches, ghosts, and other strange creatures occupy 13th century Czoha castle for 4 days. In this room, magical transformations are done.

Leila, ghost: "I have lived in this castle for 300 years. Once I was a student, very young student. I went to the forest with other students and something had happened. I woke up just as I'm now."


Participants walk through the castle prior to their Harry Potter inspired role playing game at the Czocha Castle, in Sucha, southwestern Poland (AP photo)

Real names, phone calls and talks about ordinary life are prohibited in the castle. We were told to create our own characters so that not to look like strangers and break the non-stop 4 days game.

Margaryta Sytnik, UT correspondent: "According to the legend, we are journalists, who are looking for vampires here."

The magic college is open to everyone. The price of the event is EUR 375. Tickets fly off the shelves immediately after a new set gets announced. Students are given wizardry school books and follow a specific programme.


Participants listen to instructions prior to their Harry Potter inspired role playing game at the Czocha Castle, in Sucha, southwestern Poland (AP photo)

Claus Raasted, organiser and game master of the 'College of Wizardry': "It's pretending play for adults. People here can play students, teachers in a magical universe, getting lessons or teaching lessons like alchemy or magical defence. So, it's a lot of fun, but for adults.
- Have you seen vampires here?
- There are some people playing vampires here. We haven't seen any real vampires lucky."

He is ready to teach these magic tricks the whole year round without any break for the holidays. Harry Potter fans are now looking for a castle in order to buy it and create the College of Wizardry on a permanent basis. Because spells are quickly forgotten and magic doesn't work in real life.

Margarita Sytnik, Igor Antoniuk from Poland

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