: Heart operations with no incision is now possible
Society10:56 Jul. 24, 2016

Heart operations with no incision is now possible

Occluder device is installed straight into the defected organ 

Operating the heart without thoracic cutting is now possible. Ukrainian cardio surgeons implanted three brand new devices that are to eliminate the pathological holes in the heart. All the three patients were no older than five years old.

The doctors explain auricle perforation is quite dangerous. Patients diagnosed with it suffer from high blood pressure, since blood constantly flows from the left part of the heart to the right causing the exceeded pressure in the pulmonary artery. 

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The occluder - the device able to treat the disease without cavitary operation - has been elaborated by German doctors. It looks like an umbrella covering the defected auricle from both sides.

Robert Sabinevych, Polish Surgeon: "We launch the device in the left auricle. After dragging it through the interatrial septal we open the second part, so that the defected hole is totally covered."

Ukrainian state already purchases the occluders for budget costs. However, this covers the needs of only 15% of the patients. Those willing to buy a life-saving device on their own will have to spend 90,000 UAH.

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Another unique operation has ended successfully in Great Britain. A 57-year-old Chris King has undergone donor hand transplantation after having lost both his hands in a metal pressing machine at work. Now the patient reports feeling good and waiting for a chance to rise a glass of beer.

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