: Helping an eagle fly again

12:37 Jun. 7, 2016

Helping an eagle fly again

A wounded buzzard (AP Photo)

Halych National Nature Park is home to state-of-the-art endangered species rehabilitation centre

A new treatment and recovery facility is now open in western Ukraine. But... its patients aren't whom you would think of right away. Getting healthy again is the priority for these wild animals, most of whom are listed in the Red Book of Endangered Species.

Halych National Nature Park located in western Ukraine is set to become the new home of two eagles and buzzards.

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The birds all have a reason to come here. All of them fell victim to street photographers seeking quick cash from unsuspecting tourists. In an unprecedented court case launched by the Halych National Nature Park staff, the judge ruled against the photographers ordering the birds to be immediately confiscated and sent to the rehabilitation facility.

Oleh Hayduk, Halych National Nature Park director: Our environment is the closest thing to the wild they can get. Unfortunately, we can't let them fly in open nature because after all we have no idea whether they will survive on their own. 

The eagles will have two bedroom apartments for themselves. The director of the rehabilitation facility at the park says they will be living separately.

Andriy Hembarskyi, Rehabilitation Centre for wild animals director: "Since they are two different kinds they eat differently took. For instance, the white-tailed one likes fish and the eastern imperial eagle prefers small birds and rodents." 

The other two birds, common buzzards are going to be living in their own quarters. They won't have neighbours yet but the staff at the rehabilitation centre say once the birds get accustomed to everything they make integrate them with others.

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Halych National Nature Park Director Oleh Hayduk adds he has no doubt that both the eagles and the buzzards will have a very speedy recovery. All animals that are treated at the rehabilitation facility are looked after with the highest standards of veterinary care. This deer was brought here in very poor condition but now it is healthy and happy, which Hayduk says the birds will also be in no time.

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