: Himalayan peak named after Nadiya Savchenko

15:31 Jun. 1, 2016

Himalayan peak named after Nadiya Savchenko

Snowy Rocks, Barren Ridges, And Himalayan Peaks Including Annapurna 4, Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal. (Getty Images)

Ukrainian pilot now has her own mountain

One of the Himalayan peaks is named in honour of Ukraine's MP Nadiya Savchenko, according to the sports journalist Valentyn Shcherbachov.

"I decided to name one of the mountains after Nadiya Savchenko, because she is a woman who spent two years in (Russian) jails struggling against the bloodthirsty dictator's regime. Last year, I named a mountain in honour of Ukraine's heroes, and now the Nepalese authorities has issued an official certificate allowing one of the peaks to be named ‘Nadiya' [in English ‘Nadiya' is translated as ‘Hope']," Shcherbachov said.

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According to him, 27 football matches, fout small Olympiads and four international tournaments were held at the attitude of 5.000 metres. The competitions between Ukraine and Nepal were conducted 20 times, that is why locals are well aware of Ukraine and the conflict in Donbas region.

On May 25, Ukrainian pilot and Nadiya Savchenko, who was illegally held in Russia for almost two years, was released and exchanged for the two Russian Special Forces servicemen captured in eastern Ukraine last year.

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On March 22, Nadiya Savchenko was sentenced by a Russian court to spend 22 years in prison for being involved in the deaths of two Russian journalists in the Donbas warzone in 2014 and for illegally crossing the Ukrainian-Russian border. Savchenko denied the charges.



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