: Historic moment: Ukrainian patient gets artificial heart (video)
Society18:19 Jul. 13, 2016

Historic moment: Ukrainian patient gets artificial heart (video)

The very first time such an operation is conducted in the country 

Artificial heart has been transplanted into a patient in Ukraine. This is the very first time such an operation is conducted in the country. The historic surgery has saved the life of Kharkiv resident Pavlo Doroshko.

The last moments before the surgery. Pavlo is barely walking, he has troubles speaking. His ailment started when he caught a chill. And when the doctors later diagnosed cardiomyopathy and told him he needed heart transplantation, Pavlo didn't believe it.

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The artificial heart is his only chance to survive. Pavlo says he isn't worried about the surgery. His wife, though, doesn't share his composure

The medics are consulting in the meantime. Ukrainian experts and their German colleagues are watching videos and discussing the functions of the mechanical heart.

The surgeons did not remove the dysfunctional heart. They just attached the mechanical implant to it. The artificial organ doesn't look like the real one, but it works identically. The patient will always have to carry at least two batteries with him, each of them can last up to four hours. German experts say, this mechanism will help Pavlo live a normal life.

The operation lasts almost 4 hours. Finally, the finishing touches, and the robotic heart goes live.

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The mechanical implant costs 120,000 Euro. Way too much for an average Ukrainian. The first transplantation is only possible thanks to donations and charity. The mechanism will keep Pavlo alive and let him wait for a real organ.

Borys Todurov, Ukrainian Heart Center chief physician: "I really hope this patient will get a real heart implant. After our Parliament adopts an appropriate law which allows that."

Now Pavlo hopes that Ukraine will address his issue at the nation level. Because only a quality law, approved by the Parliament, can permanently save his life and the lives of many others.

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