: Hopes are high as 'Ukrainian Louvre' gets new chief

18:53 Jul. 8, 2016

Hopes are high as 'Ukrainian Louvre' gets new chief

Olesia Ostrovska Liuta, the new CEO of Mystetskyi Arsenal. (UNIAN Photo)

Culture minister's advisor Olesia Ostrovska-Liuta vows to turn Mystetskyi Arsenal into Ukraine's major creative cluser 

Olesia Ostrovska-Liuta, advisor to the culture minister, has been elected CEO of Ukraine's major state-owned art hub and museum, Mystetskyi Arsenal (Art Arsenal).

Five candidates participated in the final round of the vote, each of whom had presented two development strategies for the Arsenal, for one year and for five years.

Ostrovska-Liuta's concept includes transforming the museum complex into a creative cluster to integrate all art forms, support talents and become a cultural flagship for Ukraine.

According to the new CEO's vision, the Arsenal will be composed of art laboratories dedicated to literature, theatre, music and education.


Aerial view of the 1,000-year old Monastery of Caves, foreground, arts gallery Mystetskyi Arsenal, center, and apartment buildings, background, on the photo made from the Monastery's belltower, in Ukraine's capital Kyiv on April 3, 2012. (AP Photo)

Constructed in the late 18th century as a military fortress and reopened in 2000s as a cultural hub, Mystetskyi Arsenal has exceeded all expectations being a creative space and venue for both Ukrainian and international art events. Some parts of the huge 20,000-square-metre cultural complex are still under reconstruction to turn the old building of the military plant into a museum object.

In April 2016, the annual book fair Knyzhkovyi Arsenal (Book Arsenal) gathered writers, philosophers, artists and publishers from over a dozen countries. Record 93 thousand guests visited 500 unique events, including lectures, presentations, discussions and workshops.


Petro and Maryna Poroshenko seen among the visitors on the 2016 Book Arsenal in Kyiv, April 26, 2016. (UNIAN Photo)


Visitors of the 2016 Book Arsenal, April 22, 2016. (UNIAN Photo)


An installation dedicated to the 2013 Book Arsenal, May 23, 2013. (UNIAN Photo)

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Mystetskyi Arsenal is also a venue for the annual Art-Kyiv Contemporary forum, one of Ukraine's key art events focusing on dominant cultural themes and trends.


IX ART-KYIV Contemporary forum opens in Mystetskyi Arsenal, November 18, 2014. (UNIAN Photo)

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Ukrainian fashion designers duo Kamenskakononova showcase their collection in Mystetskyi Arsenal during Ukrainian Fashion Week. (UNIAN Photo)

The Arsenal is in the centre of the recent campaign to rediscover Ukrainian heritage of avant-garde Suprematist movement pioneer Kazimir Malevich. The Ukrainian-born artist has been remembered in numerous exhibitions, public lectures and discussions.

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A man examines a painting during the Ukrainian avant-garde exhibition Malevich+ in Mystetskyi Arsenal, June 9, 2016. (UNIAN Photo)

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