: 'How to Become a Russian Citizen': Crimea occupation authorities explain

15:10 Jun. 19, 2016

'How to Become a Russian Citizen': Crimea occupation authorities explain

Russian nationwide seminar for cultural professionals.

Black Sea peninsula hosts seminar on ‘nationwide consolidation of Russians'

Crimea hosted the Russian nationwide seminar for cultural professionals which sought to strengthen the nation's unity and ethno-cultural development of Russians. This is reported by the Culture Ministry in the Kremlin-occupied Black Sea peninsula.

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'Culture is the only thing that can ensure the nationwide consolidation of Russians, help them acknowledge they are citizens of our great country', Crimea's Culture Minister Arina Novoselskaya said.

Key priorities of Crimea's policy are to preserve and enhance cultural heritage of multiple nations living in the peninsula, and make Crimea's residents be part of the entire Russian culture, history and language.

"Crimea used to be a part of different countries and empires. Still, our land remains the peace territory, the centre for humanitarian agreements, the heart of multinational understanding, and treasury of traditions and cultures of more than 170 nations,' the Minister claims.

On February 20, 2014, Ukraine's Parliament officially proclaimed the beginning of the temporary occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol by Russia.

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International organizations slammed Crimea occupation and annexation as illegal and condemned Moscow's actions. Consequently, the Western countries introduced a number of sanctions against Russia. Russia denied to acknowledge the occupation of the peninsula and in its turn labelled it as a ‘restoration of historical justice'.



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