Ukraine under attack: How two Italians defend Europe in Ukraine
Society16:32 Nov. 3, 2016

How two Italians defend Europe in Ukraine

UT continues to tell about Giuseppe Donini and Valter Nebiolo, who volunteered to come to Ukraine to stop Russian aggression from spreading

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Ukraine is not alone in its conflict against Russia. Europeans are fighting alongside the Ukrainian army to protect their own home. That's what the two volunteers from Italy say. Giuseppe Donini and Valter Nebiolo came to Donbas two years ago. They say, they got involved in the war for the sake of whole Europe. 

Giuseppe Donini, Italian volunteer: I'm here, because I would like my Europe free from invaders. I know this is impossible, but I try to do my best.

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Valter Nebiolo, Italian Volunteer: I saw a hell of fighting, what we are fighting for. This is worth trying to help. Our help is minimal, but something is better than nothing. 

Both volunteers have had their share of combat. They served in the Italian army, the French foreign legion, took part in private military operations in Africa and the Middle East. Donini and Nebiolo say, they bought the equipment to fight in Ukraine with their own money. They add, Ukrainian soldiers are passionate, but still poorly equipped. 

Valter Nebiolo, Italian Volunteer: We are still sharing arms. We are very, very underequipped at the moment. No night vision, very few guns. I thought we'd get more help. Especially equipment-wise. Because the people, they've got the heart, but they don't have anything to do the work with.

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Nebiolo tells, average people in Europe know very little about the war in Ukraine. The duo only laughs off the fact that several Italian regions want the sanctions lifted from Moscow. They say some of their own countrymen are even fighting alongside the Russian-backed militants right now. When Donini and Nebiolo were defending the Donetsk airport areas, they were attacked by another Italian citizen, Massimiliano Cavalleri. And he is not the only one there.

Giuseppe Donini, Italian volunteer: A very good friend of mine is working with the other side. He is a very good friend of mine, we already worked together overseas. We spoke, and he said, we go to Donbas. I said, wait, I want to go for Ukraine. He said, no, Ukraine, no, and so he left. Maybe he's here, three kilometers from here, who knows. 

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The Italians don't know how long they will be able to stay in Ukraine. Donini though says, he would like to become a part of the country.  

Giuseppe Donini, Italian volunteer: Yeah, it would be fantastic, Ukrainian citizenship. So I'm gonna do it as soon as possible. 

But before that happens, they both have a lot of work to do. Even despite the ceasefire agreement, the militants continue their attacks. The guns in the conflict region don't go silent even for a single day. 

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