: Huge car queues at Ukrainian-Polish border

17:54 Aug. 4, 2016

Huge car queues at Ukrainian-Polish border

Ukrainian border guards checks car (UNIAN Photo)

More than 800 drivers are waiting at Ukrainian-Polish border crossing points, Ukrainian State Border Service says

Hundreds of people wait until they will be allowed to cross the border. The biggest queue is at the "Rava-Ruska" checkpoint. Approximately 250 drivers stay there.

The increase of car queues was rather predictable. The majority of drivers stuck in the lines are residents of border areas. They were barred from crossing the border by fast track proceeding during a month.

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Poland cancelled small border traffic to tighten security due to NATO summit and World Youth Day, taking place in the country in July.

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The guards hope the rush at Ukrainian-Polish crossing points will decrease in a few days.


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