: 'Hundred of movies on actual problems' - Docudays film festival host on project
Opinion20:46 Mar. 24, 2016

'Hundred of movies on actual problems' - Docudays film festival host on project

Daria Bassel visits UT to discuss the program and messages of films presented this year

Docudays, the International film festival on human rights opens in Kyiv on March 25. This year's main slogan is "Beyond illusions". The hosts focus on the actual problems in today's world.

The project coordinator Daria Bassel came to Ukraine Today studio to talk more about the program.

"When preparing the festival, we felt that we all drowned in illusions, illusions about ourselves, about our society, about our government, about politicians. And we would like to invite our viewers to go with us on a small journey through these illusions, an maybe uncover some truth", Daria Bassel on the main idea of the festival.

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"The opening movie is about North Korea. This is a very strange country, and it relates to our main topic. The director went there to see and describe in which illusions they live, and it's really a great example of how people can be captured by one great illusion."

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