: Hundreds fight in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 7th annual International Pillow Fight Day
Society19:46 Apr. 2, 2016

Hundreds fight in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 7th annual International Pillow Fight Day

Batman, Spiderman and scores of other costumes take to the streets for epic battle

Armed to the teeth with pillows and pyjamas, hundreds fought in Hong Kong and Taiwan on Saturday (April 2) for the 7th annual International Pillow Fight Day.

This year's International Pillow Fight Day marks the seventh time participants can blow off some steam in massive public pillow fights in cities all over the world.

Some people's armour of choice were their pyjamas, while others fought with cushions in the shape of cartoon characters, or even a shrimp. Organizer of the 6th Hong Kong International Pillow Fight Day, Tom Grundy, said he arranged the event just for fun.

Tom Grundy, organizer of 6th Hong Kong International Pillow Fight Day: "There's no reason for it. I just hope that everyone has a good time and lets off some steam in high pressure Hong Kong."

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People dressed in costumes became the pillow-wielding mob's common enemy. Super heroes such as Batman and Spiderman also became targets.

A man dressed as Batman who gave his name as "Bruce Wayne" said he was disarmed.

Man dressed as Batman, who says his name is Bruce Wayne": "I don't have my weapons. My weapon's just a pillow but I lost my pillow right now."

In the Taiwanese capital of Taipei, hundreds of participants fought in the middle of Liberty Square.

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For one 30-year-old it was a brief return to her childhood days, a rarity among her busy work schedule.

Tsai Hsin-Yao, 30-year-old participant: "This is the first time for me to participate in the pillow fight. I think it is very interesting and a lot of fun. It makes me think back to when I used to have pillow fights with my little sister, it also has a feeling of alleviating stress and I have the chance to meet some new friends."

After one hour of exhausting pillow fights, participants packed up their pyjamas and pillows.

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