Insurance medicine in 2017: Medical Insurance in Ukraine to be introduced in 2017

18:46 Oct. 4, 2016

Medical Insurance in Ukraine to be introduced in 2017

Medical laboratory in the Kyiv city hospital (UNIAN Photo)

Ukraine's Health Ministry: The switch to Medical Insurance  will take 3 years to come into effect

Existing healthcare system in Ukraine will be changed into a Medical Insurance state starting from 2017 and will take 3 years to become implemented.

The Health Ministry confirmed to the information agency UNIAN that the system transformation will begin with a launch of a family practice on the basis of the lower level of the healthcare system – Polyclinics (Primary Care Centre -UT) and Walk in clinics.

Pavlo Kovtoniuk, Deputy Health Minister, said that for the past 25 years a lot of draft laws on insurance based medicine have been elaborated but they all were prone to corruption schemes.

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"The purpose of our team is the implementation of insurance medicine starting from 2017 and we've found the way how to make it possible with minimal and distinct changes to the Ukrainian legislation", Pavlo Kovtoniuk claimed.  

According to him, Ukrainians will be able to easily choose a family doctor and pediatrician for kids and sign direct contracts with them with a specified list of services, which are guaranteed and paid by Ukraine's government.

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"If a patient isn't satisfied with a family doctor, he can change him. Family doctors will give medical certificates requested by kindergartens, schools and swimming pools. One can choose any medical center, place of residence won't matter. Our goal is a doctor for every family. A family doctor should become a family agent in healthcare, monitor state of health. Families should trust him, that's why a doctor must be motivated, firstly with good salaries", Pavlo Kovtoniuk added.  

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